ELGi’s new electric compressor range from Integrated Air Solutions –industry electrified!

ELGi oil-lubricated electric driven comp ... range from Integrated Air Solutions

Building on its unequivocal success with ELGi’s range of high-pressure, diesel-driven compressors, Integrated Air Solutions now introduces the latest innovation from this world renowned brand, the new ELGi EG Series electric air compressor range.

ELGi’s electric screw air compressors are available from 5.5kW – 15kW for smaller air requirements (EN Series) and from 22kW – 250kW for medium and large applications (EG Series).

“As the sole regional distributor for ELGi compressors since 2016, we are extremely proud to bring this prestigious brand to our customers,” states Trevor Volker, Integrated Air Solutions Product Manager for Electric Compressors.

ELGi has more than made its mark on the African continent. Tried and tested in Sub-Saharan Africa’s harsh environment for over 25 years, ELGi has an installed base of over 300 high-pressure diesel-driven units across the region. The majority of these units are being used for key applications in South Africa’s water well, exploration, post hole, down-the-hole (DTH) and auger drilling segments.

Integrated Air Solutions is an air compressor specialist with the unique capability of locally customising ELGi compressors under OEM approval, a key differentiating factor that has seen the completion of numerous successful customisation projects. “Our proven and ongoing success with the diesel-driven ELGi range presents the perfect platform on which to launch the new compact, efficient, eco-friendly and silent electric range,” notes Volker.

Reduced pressure losses and increased efficiencies are what every customer is looking for in a compressor and the ELGi electric range has been designed with exactly that in mind. Packed with state-of-the-art technologies, these compressors present a giant leap in design and performance – from the unique encapsulated airend (EN Series) to the efficient three-stage air-oil separation system.

The result is a compressor that delivers air efficiently and reliably with minimum pressure drop. This, combined with a low lifecycle cost, places the benefits of lowest total cost of ownership in the hands of customers and end-users.

The superior technology airend encapsulates all major functional systems such as intake, compression and separation within a common frame, ensuring silent operation. The efficient three-stage air-oil separation system reduces oil particles to less than 3ppm. The robust air-cooling system comprises high efficiency coolers and cooling fans to ensure low operating temperatures, extending compressor life. The two-stage air filtration system facilitates air to enter through a pre-filtered enclosure, thereby enabling cleaner suction which keeps internal components clean and increases the life of consumables.

The screw compressor elements are manufactured in-house using hi-tech machining centres for rotor grinding and machining castings of different sizes. The electric range is powered by a high efficiency heavy duty IP55 electric motor. Furthermore, the new generation intake valve system has been designed to reduce starting load, delivering direct savings on power consumption.

Placing control at customers’ fingertips, the smart custom designed and engineered Neuron Controller allows for seamless remote monitoring and control of the compressor’s overall performance.

From a maintenance perspective, the electric range again steps up to the plate. Routine maintenance points are easily and quickly accessed via a single service door. A spin-on oil filter and separator elements further speed up routine service, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Service and after-sales service are crucial to ensure exceptional compressor performance, reliability and extended lifespan. Integrated Air Solutions’ highly trained team of specialists offer a comprehensive service package that includes all compressor parts and accessories. Alongside installation and commissioning, the company’s services also extend to the testing of the large electric machines, the rebuilding of air-ends by specialised air-end technicians as well as air audit capabilities.

Integrated Air Solutions will support customers with training on the new electric screw air compressors to ensure the correct use of the machine for optimum and reliable performance and operator safety.

ELGi electric air compressors have been designed and developed with technologically advanced features to deliver reduced pressure drop and increased efficiencies for lowest total cost of ownership ultimately assisting customers in achieving their productivity goals. “As a preferred compressor partner, we remain fully committed to growing ELGI’s electric compressor footprint across the Sub-Sahara African territory,” concludes Volker.