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MiRO Academy

MiRO is a leading value-added distributor of broadband wireless, Wi-Fi, networking, VoIP, SD-WAN, IoT, security and IP video solutions. For the past 18 years, they have been empowering technology integrators, service providers and resellers to successfully connect both business and residential customers with their best-of-breed solutions.

MiRO understands that just distributing a product is not enough, and they have to share their knowledge to assist their partners to navigate this exciting, but often challenging landscape. To assist with this vision, MiRO has been at the forefront of both introductory and certified training for the brands and technologies that they represent.

The challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown posed for in-person training meant that MiRO had to re-think how they would continue sharing information and delivering the same quality of training to their partners. miro-academy.co.za, MiRO’s online training platform, was developed to ensure that MiRO customers can continue to gain knowledge remotely, through world class online training and education.

The very popular “Zero to Hero” introductory courses were transformed into pre-recorded trainings that can be purchased online. Zero to Hero trainings are developed to introduce learners to the various IP & wireless networking concepts such as Fibre Networking, Networking Basics, Wireless, IP Surveillance and Internet of Things. On the same premise of pre-recorded trainings, MiRO has also developed short Technical Courses that focus on brand and product specific configuration, setup and troubleshooting.

MiRO’s seasoned trainers also adopted a live online approach to training and have hosted successful Zero to Hero and certified course live.

As we move forward into 2021 and the future, MiRO will continue expanding the pre-recorded trainings and educate and empower a much larger audience than before.  Whether you are in South Africa or any other part of the world, you can purchase the course that you are interested in and complete it at your own pace.

MiRO Academy – making training accessible to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Click here to take advantage of MiRO’s range of online training.