Extensive range of tiles and sanitaryware

Den Braven - Extensive range of tiles and sanitaryware

AS a leading local manufacturer of tiles, sanitaryware and baths, Ceramic Industries have embarked on a number of programmes to minimise the raw materials used in its products, and thereby increase the eco-friendly nature of its products. The company’s range of EcoTec products have been designed and introduced to supply the market with products that meet global standards. Production improvements include water recycling, investment in solar power, invested in heat exchangers, improved the cycle times on kilns and a reduction in the amount of product packaging.

Extensions to the range of Eco friendly products will be rolled out at both its red and white body porcelain tile factories before the end of June 2021, with further innovation happening across other manufacturing facilities throughout the year.

The local manufacturing footprint consists of the following factories:

Betta Sanitaryware and Betta Baths, manufacturing vitreous china sanitaryware and a broad spectrum of products including vacuum formed Perspex baths, one piece free standing baths, jetted baths and fashionable skirted baths.

Gryphon Tiles, manufacturing white body porcelain tiles in a variety of large format sizes and finishes. The factory is fitted with a rectification line to enable the tiles to be rectified as well as produce wood look planks in a variety of lengths, widths, designs and finishes.

Pegasus Tiles, manufacturing monocottura  glazed ceramic tile factory and fitted with digital printing technologies, enabling production of around 18 000 000m² per annum.

Vitro Tiles, manufacturing red body porcelain factory and one of the few punched tile factories left in the world, produces rustic, hard wearing slate, stone and rock look alike products with latest designs and technology from around the world.

Samca Wall Tiles, the exclusive wall tile factory in the group, produces monoporosa ceramic dust pressed tiles. The wide range of sizes and finishes produced for a diversified market, has required significant investment into a number of innovative technologies, allowing us to produce various profiles with geometric 3D shapes, glitters, lustres, metallic glazes and oxides.

Contact sales@cbn.co.za to enquire about our digital marketing options
Contact sales@cbn.co.za to enquire about our digital marketing options