NDE Warehouse

Uncertainty in business is costly, whether caused by vague government policies or unscheduled downtime on a process line – or a host of other issues that we face daily in business and in our lives.

Process plants face this difficulty particularly in unscheduled downtime due to unexpected maintenance issues.

Fabricators face this difficulty in uncertain workflow and not knowing what jobs will come next and what material they will require.

The solution for stainless steel requirements is to partner with a supplier who supports your needs and manages the uncertainty for you by:

  • STOCKING multiple product groups with a wide range of items in those products groups.

This includes the six large stainless steel product groups: flat products, sections, tubing, pipe and fittings, hygiene- as well as aluminium products.

An experienced supplier will stock these items based on years of knowledge about when to have which items available off-the-shelf because there are jobs which are seasonal, with specific items used more during certain times of the year.  An obvious example is fruit processing, but there are many more.


It is one thing stocking stainless steel, but knowing how the product should be handled and transported is crucial because the material could be damaged or be cross contaminated if it is dual stock with carbon steel.


Time is a crucial element in winning or losing the game, whether it is getting the process line up and running or sourcing a fabrication item ahead of your competitors. So quick turnaround time in finding the material, as well as the exotics, could make the difference between winning the order or losing it.


If the product is stocked and available, can you count on receiving it without delay? Does your supplier deliver twice in most areas daily? And does your supplier offer quick and easy turnaround on collections?


There are over 500 grades of stainless steel, each with specific properties.   Does your supplier offer advice and guidance on material selection and preventing corrosion issues to ensure low maintenance on the process line or for the fabricated item?

NDE, stainless steel stockist and distributor in Montague Gardens, is a long term partner to many companies in process industries and to the fabricators who supply both process and other needs to Western Cape industry

NDE Stainless Steel offers a carefully crafted stockholding to suit customer requirements, twice daily deliveries and an in-house technical team to advise on material selection and corrosion prevention.

Whatever your needs as a processor or fabricator, your stainless steel supplier should be an extension of your business and be seen as a partner with a vested interest and a long term goal of benefiting both parties in all business transactions.