Farmers union TLU SA and police join forces for rural safety

Rural Safety Source: Google Images

Farmers union TLU SA on Tuesday said it had reaffirmed its collaboration with the police on rural safety.

In a statement the farmers union said the SA Police Service National Commissioner General Khehla John Sitole and other top officers met with TLU SA on 2 May regarding mutual interests in terms of rural safety.

The meeting also looked into the implementation of the Rural Safety Strategy.

“The application of the strategy in terms of agricultural requirements and the concept of agriculture-friendly reservists served as the starting point for the discussions,” says Major General Chris van Zyl, assistant general manager of TLU SA, tasked with safety.

“General Sitole recognised and praised TLU SA’s role in rural safety since October 1993,” said Van Zyl. “He wanted to confirm TLU SA’s support in the ongoing battle against crime, specifically in local and agricultural communities.”

The SA Police Service also stated its appreciation of TLU SA’s participation in the drafting of the current revised Rural Safety Strategy as well as their continued support in the implementation of the strategy, said the farmers union’s assistant general manager.

The strategy comprises a Farm Safety Plan designed for farms to ensure a collective rapid response between stakeholders to address all safety and security issues and incidents that affect the agricultural community.

“The discussions were held in a spirit of goodwill and constructive feedback,” said Van Zyl. “Both groups were in agreement that mutual understanding and cooperation will be the guide for the future.”