Finishing products enhance building aesthetics

Mentis building products

ATTENTION to detail ensures the ultimate aesthetic appeal on any building project from selecting the right lighting design right down to the finishing products used for walls, ceilings, windows and doors.

Mentis Africa, specialist in providing durable flooring and handrailing solutions, offers a range of supplementary building products to ensure ultimate finished quality.

Manufactured from quality galvanised steel sheet which is expanded into mesh, Mentis Angle Beads are designed for internal and exterior plaster use. Expanded metal flange wings anchor securely in the full depth of plaster on either side of the arras.

This product provides exterior corner protection and a reliably straight edge for screeding and for forming an arris in plasterwork which resists chipping or cracking. It is ideal for use on all plastered or rendered corners and protects and reinforces plaster where it is most vulnerable.

The metal corner bead is particularly suitable for forming straight edges and exterior corners when plastering for columns.

Mentis Africa Riblath has a number of uses including a plaster backing on ceilings, walls and stud partitions as well as a permanent shuttering for concrete and for refurbishing damaged or aged masonry walls when a key for rendering is not guaranteed due to disintegration or softening of the wall face.

Serving as a guide for plastering and as reinforcement at the corner of a wall before plastering, Mentis Africa Plaster Stop also provides a straight edge and finish for plaster at all openings and abutments.

This product is recommended wherever plastered walls finish against tiles, face bricks, skirting, exposed steelwork, and woodwork and it protects and reinforces the plaster whilst providing a neat finish.

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