First heat pump cassette using low GWP R-32

Daikin Heat pump

Daikin has launched South Africa’s very first heat pump cassette using low GWP R-32 refrigerant gas extending the Sky Air range for light commercial applications. With just one-third of the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of R-410A refrigerant, R-32 is a proven environmentally responsible alternative. The R-32 based Sky Air High COP cassette promises to deliver high energy efficiency with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Following the introduction of R-32 refrigerant-based direct expansion air conditioners and heat pumps under the Bluevolution technology range in Europe, Daikin South Africa has now launched a new SkyAir system cassette variant. The new Sky Air Bluevolution cassette updates the Daikin original Round Flow Cassette Design and provides an environment-friendly technology alternative for a variety of light commercial applications such as for retail stores, restaurants and small office spaces.

The lowest GWP for light commercial air conditioners

Further to the European phase-down of hydro-fluorocarbons through F-Gas legislation, refrigeration gases are now rated on their carbon dioxide emissions tons equivalent and consequently, their environmental impact. Leading the move to low GWP refrigerants, Daikin continues to pioneer new HVAC technologies to the benefit of the South African business owners and consumers, at its research and development centre based in Belgium.

Accommodating cooling capacities from 2.5kW to 13.4kW, the Sky Air Bluevolution Cassette is an affordable, energy-efficient, environment-friendly solution. With a 15% lower refrigerant charge; the system has no need for an annual refrigerant containment check. The new heat pump cassette system, which works off a 220-240V power supply voltage, provides the highest seasonal energy ratings on the market.

The Sky Air Bluevolution cassette combined with a BRC1H51 wired remote controller incorporates high-value features such as continuous low noise operation and a 5-step fan speed control for maximizing comfort.

The award winning new Madoka controller allows users and installers to experience a novel approach to air conditioning control and commissioning.

Using Bluetooth ow Energy (BLE), set-up and program adjustment can be carried out remotely via smartphone using the Madoka Assistant app.

The first R-32 heat pump for light commercial applications in South Africa

A spokesperson commented: “We are proud to launch South Africa’s very first light commercial Cassette system using a next generation low GWP refrigerant, which supports Daikin’s on-going global aim to lower the impact of its product portfolio.  As a leading HVAC manufacturer Dakin strives to develop environmentally-responsible technology alternatives that can help our customers build a more sustainable future without compromising their safety. The Sky Air Bluevolution cassette system uses as much as 15% lower refrigerant volume in operation compared to its R-410A equivalent  – delivering immediate benefits in installation use and maintenance.

“R-32 exhibits the many requisite characteristics making it suitable as a next generation refrigerant for residential and light commercial air conditioners. As a greener replacement, it is easier to charge, recover and recycle as it is not a blended refrigerant –  unlike the traditional R-410A. Installation with R-32 gas is also simple and straightforward, following same basic rules for piping and brazing, as well as similar pressures as R-410A.

In support of this launch Daikin is offering training programs and on-going support to its installer network and service staff.