FlySafair prepares for 21-day lockdown

Flysafair Source: Google Images

In accordance with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address on 23 March 2020, FlySafair has made the decision to temporarily close all business operations in order to fully support the government’s mandate to curb the spread of Covid-19.

By taking this decision, FlySafair has joined a number of other local airlines and businesses who have taken this stance and have done so in solidarity by putting South Africa’s health and public interest first.

The airline will operate its final flights before the shutdown comes into effect on Wednesday 25 March 2020 and aims to resume operations on the morning of 20 April 2020 following a lifting of the lock-down by Government.

“We started FlySafair on 16 October 2014 and have flown every day since, we never envisaged a circumstance that would have to halt operations. Globally, we are in unprecedented times and we believe that the decision taken by our President is the correct one, and we are fully supportive of all efforts undertaken to curb the spread of this virus in our country,” says Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair.

Customers who have existing flights booked during this period are welcome to make penalty-free changes to alternative dates, either before or after the lockdown. Customers seeking refunds must exchange their reservations to a flight voucher. All eligible bookings will then later be assessed to and converted to cash if requested. These processes can all be done on the FlySafair website at

“We have a large number of customers to assist, and very limited time to do so, before the lockdown commences, so our focus at this point is to build tools and provide guidance that will allow customers to self-service. We encourage passengers to monitor our website for regular updates,” Gordon continued.

The airline has decided that it will temporarily close its ticket sales desks, call center, WhatsApp channel and social media accounts during the lockdown period.

FlySafair staff will be on leave during the period in question and will therefore attend to all issues that arise once business has commenced following the lockdown period. Our primary objective right now is to look after our customers, our employees, and our partners, while playing our part to ensure that our country emerges from this lockdown in a healthier position.

Flights may still be booked online at for departures commencing 20 April 2020.