Gugulethu roads rehabilitation project worth R24m well under way

Project Source: Google Images

The City of Cape Town’s Transport Directorate is making great progress with its Gugulethu Roads Rehabilitation project. This project aims to provide the community with an improved and upgraded road network by ensuring that road surfaces are safer for motorists and pedestrians.

The City is upgrading the roads of Gugulethu in various phases starting from the northern side of the suburb. The current phase of the project focuses on upgrading roads NY 112; 116; 138; 139; 145; 146; and 144 in Wards 40 and 41.

Work on the current phase commenced 22 January 2019 and is well under way. These concrete roads were specifically identified as most in need of rehabilitation and are currently being reconstructed and repaired.

The budget for this project is R24 739 686 and the majority of roadwork includes the ‘crack and seat’ process where the road is cracked to serve as a flexible base-course and then overlaid with a bitumen-rubber asphalt layer.

New kerbs and channels with storm water catch pits and pipework will be added to these roads which will improve the stormwater run-off in the area. The end result will be newly surfaced sidewalks, brick-paved road verges and accesses and a complete improvement in the road reserve.

It is important to note that the purpose of this stormwater infrastructure is to prevent roads from flooding during downpours.

“Residents will now be able to enjoy a good quality road, with an improved storm water system to ensure drainage from their properties. Most importantly for me is that the raised asphalt sidewalks, brick-paved road reserves and accesses will improve the general road safety for pedestrians and motorists. We thank the residents for their cooperation and patience while the work is under way,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Felicity Purchase.

The City of Cape Town’s Transport Directorate is making great progress with its Gugulethu Roads Rehabilitation project. Picture: Supplied

“The City, together with its contractors, is determined to complete the work towards the end of January 2020. The support from the community is making it possible for the Transport Directorate to continue delivering services to the benefit of this community.

“This project has provided much-needed jobs and skills development to members of the local community. Our contractor is training residents of Wards 40 and 41 to empower them with the required skills. The City has ensured that a minimum of 10% of the turnover (valued at R2 473 968) is to be spent on local labour within these wards and a minimum of 5% (or R1 236 984) is spent on local businesses within the ward where the road reconstruction is taking place,” added Purchase.

To ensure a fair and equitable process, the relevant subcouncil database is used to identify the local jobseekers and sub-contractors where possible.