Herbert Theledi – An African Success Story

Herbert Theledi

Herbert Theledi has always shown empathy and has proved it many times by sensing other people’s emotions and sharing their feelings. He completely understands the needs and challenges of people in rural communities. To this effect, Theledi, and therefore Nthwese Developments, understands the balance between making their profits and helping out neglected communities.

The one thing that differs from Theledi’s approach, his concern for others. He isn’t just in it for financial gain as is most entrepreneurs.  Nthwese Developments has always been a source of happiness to rural communities and will continue being such moving forward.

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The best way in which Theledi helps rural communities are by building shopping centres in rural areas and outlying towns as it helps the basic infrastructure, thus helping those rural communities by giving them access to critical services and facilities such as groceries, banks, offices, postal services etc.

All of these developments in rural areas also adds more value to the area and more traffic so the areas grow exponentially. Theledi has always made a success of his work and opened many shopping malls in rural communities such as the Bambanani shopping centre in Diepsloot and the Thulamahashe mall in Bushbuckridge.

The Bambanani shopping centre in Diepsloot was opened in during November 2017 where the project already created 120 full-time jobs for the local community. According to Theledi, many more advantages came from the project, such as an enrichment of the community providing a family-friendly shopping experience.

The project also contributed to the improvement of the life quality of the community and during the development of the centre, Nthwese made use of local businesses in by employing community members. The shopping centre provides long term job creation and empowers disadvantaged communities.

The Thulamahashe mall in Bushbuckridge is in partnership with Twin City Development. The mall was opened in during October 2018. It was another milestone in Theledi’s journey that utilized his entrepreneurial skills to benefit the rural communities.

The expectation was that this project will create an economic upswing in the community and will create jobs, as well as sustainability for the locals. During the project, the partners upgraded the infrastructure of the community such as their roads, sewer systems and electricity as this whole project was to benefit the local people. During this development, it was also ensured to use as much community participation as possible. The mall compromises of 8% smaller local retailers. All this shows that Theledi’s dual focus is to generate profit and improve the livelihood of the rural communities.

Theledi’s passion to uplift rural communities is clear and shown in many ways through development.

He makes a positive impact in the lives of less fortunate people by assisting them through job creation and the upgrading of infrastructure. This positive impact, according to Theledi, drives him to continue what he does best enhancing the quality of life in rural communities.