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Increase time, revenue & profit with a simple system of business growth

Business growth needs more than luck, hope, and hard work. To take control of growth and make it happen, it also needs:

  • A single, unwavering growth strategy that can ride uncertainty and change
  • A simple, structured business growth system to resolve the 7 impediments to growth
  • Decisive leadership through 4 growth cycles to support business value and saleability

The final outcome is what Aurik calls an Asset of Value, which is a business that has 5 core features:

  1. A brand that stands out in a competitive over-crowded marketplace
  2. Organised, linked commercial business systems to generate consistent results
  3. A purposeful, high-performance team
  4. Your time, released from daily operations to focus on growing both revenues and profits
  5. It is an asset that can be sold for a premium price at a future date

Join Aurik co-founder and CEO, author, speaker and business growth specialist, Pavlo Phitidis for a fast-paced 50-minute online session to unpack what a growth system needs to do and how to build one in your business.

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