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Innovative container homes from around the world

The trend of sustainable and resourceful living seems to be sticking around, with South Africa picking up on it a little later than the rest of the world. Nonetheless, South Africans and Capetonians are becoming more interested in container living by the day and a number of new container living offerings have also popped up for locals to try.

So if you’re considering going the sustainable route with your next home and trying out container living here’s a little inspiration from around the world.

1. Canada

This unusually vertical home is Toronto’s first permanent shipping container house.

Built on a 12 foot or 3.6 metre lot sold to the owner by the City of Toronto is a very eye-catching development indeed.

It became famous on social media in 2017 and features a full basement, master bedroom, steel framed balcony on the top floor and a full kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Designed to be comfortable in a Canadian climate it offers a warm interior and even a parking spot.

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2. Brazil

Named “The Hanging House,” this unique creation in Brazil has been built elevated from the ground. This was done to invite the native treetops into the home and allow the branches to blend in with the open balconies.

It is also especially sustainable as it used little concrete for its foundation ensuring the soil is unharmed and the roots of nearby trees are unaffected.

Based on an idea of a country home that integrates the ecosystem around it while making use of sustainable method such as recyclability, this exceptional piece of work is made from recycled maritime containers with a total of 80% of the material used in the home being recycled.

Other interesting features include a rainwater reuse system installed in the roof as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Picture by Cellso Mellani.

3. South Korea

This charming container home in South Korea’s Jeju Island offers a modern and simplistic interpretation to container home living.

It makes use of a number of containers molded into one living space and has a touch of bright colour to one side of the homestead.

The layout of this home is particularly interesting with its tunnel/bridge-like feature as well as an unusual staircase, window layout and balcony. This one space includes the owner’s living area, two pension units and even a cafe.

4. Australia

This beautiful container home was recently sold in Australia and exudes a sophisticated look and feel.

Comprising of three levels this huge property is made up of 31 individual containers and was a one-of-a-kind sale.

It is Australia’s largest shipping container home and has finishes unlike any other, standing out among homes across the world.

Channeling classic design elements the space uses clean lines, quality finishes and open spaces in a refreshing way that leaves an impression.

With a variety of unique angles and artistic features it certainly offers inspiration for those looking to venture into the world of container living.

5. Uruguay

This unique piece of work in Uruguay shows just how impactful a good paint job can be.

Made by the sea-side company that brings locals in the area the Mar Abierto Container Apartments this unforgettable living option is one for the books.

All the materials used to create these homes were sourced with effortlessness, speed and lost costs in mind. The containers are made to withstand the high summer temperatures and are located on a charming slot just a skip, hop and a jump from the sea.

The apartments were built in such a way as to welcome the sea in along with natural lighting and the flooring is made from eucalyptus wood, these unusual dwelling were built alongside the pergola of woods and perfectly incorporate nature into their design.

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