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It’s a bolting system that will keep our lights ON

INCIDENTS of solar panel theft are on the rise in South Africa.  Are your installations Secure?

High Value installations such as Solar systems, boreholes and irrigation systems or any other remote equipment installation are vulnerable to theft.  

Secure your Installations with a i-Theft™ faster system (Anti-theft and tamper proof) today and  don’t fall prey and become another statistic in our crime-ridden country. DON’T get left in the dark by criminals!  Reduce your insurance risk!

How does it work?  I-Fab utilizes the latest metal additive manufacturing systems (Metal 3D Printing) to manufacture the i-Theft™ (anti-theft and tamper proof) bolting system. 

The system comprises of a bolt and nut with a unique head design (AI CAD Design software generated), serial number issued per customer, a custom bolt and nut drivers that fit a standard socket tool and or electric screwdrivers. 

The round head design ensures it can’t be loosened or tightened with a pair of pliers or other tools. As there are no sharp edges on the head design, you can’t use a hammer in conjunction with a sharp object to turn the bolt or nut.  

The Design of the bolts and nuts are completely tamper-proof and can only be fastened or loosened with the customized tool driver. Once the installation is complete, the customized driver tools are given to the customer. Each driver and bolt system are issued with a certificate handed to the customer.  If the drivers should be lost, they can then be replaced by sending a certified copy of the certificate to I-Fab Pty Ltd.  

Material: High grade 17/4 stainless steel that is anti-corrosive and features high tensile strength and material hardness (38 MPA Rockwell C) is used for production other materials such as Titanium ,4140 can also be requested.

Using additive manufacturing (Metal 3D printing) no minimum batch quantity is required for production, any size and Engineering specification can be manufactured within 7-10 Days 

i-Theft system is 100% proudly South African produced and features ISO9001 certified Materials, superior manufacturing process, unique AI head design CAD system and no long lead times! 

Contact us today for your fully customized i-Theft system Cell: 072 937 6236

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