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KQ10 for continuous range monitoring of point levels

Continuous monitoring of empty and overflow condition

The KQ10 for range monitoring can “see” through all non-metallic walls, to detect granulates or liquids without contact. Therefore, no maintenance is required. Process values of 0…100 % can continuously be transferred via IO-Link over the entire length of 250 mm without dead band. 20 LEDs display the real level inside the vessel directly at the sensor. If several KQ10 units are combined, the detection zone can be increased accordingly.

Three switch points with just one sensor

Up to three point levels can be monitored with just one sensor where normally three sensors would be needed – and this at the same time with continuous range monitoring. Switch points and other functions such as NC / NO, hysteresis or orientation and detection zone of the sensor can be set.

Point level and continuous level monitoring

As opposed to the conventional solution with two point level sensors each at the lower (empty) and upper end (overflow) of the tank, one single KQ10 comes with three switch points to indicate empty, full and overflow condition. This reduces the number of sensors and installation complexity. Moreover, it continuously measures levels in ranges of 250 mm and provides these, in addition to the switching states, as a percentage value via IO-Link. Slight deposits on the inner walls of the tank do not impair the level detection, and they can be signalled via the switching output or IO-Link if the threshold is exceeded. This permanent condition monitoring prevents unplanned production downtime.

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