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Llandudno views to be blocked by multi-storey building

The news of an approved residential development in Llandudno has raised the eyebrows of residents, as the multi-storey building will block what is known as a “view corridor”.

According to reports the property is zoned as a single residential property and its plans were approved in April of 2019. The multi-storey building will also be accompanied by a second building – this will feature a pool and high boundary walls.

Kiki Loubser, spokesperson from the Llandudno Civic Association, said that there are lingering concerns despite the proposed building encompassing a zoning scheme and building regulations. “Due to the plot size, there is a zero-metre lateral set backline. This has the potential of destroying what is known as view corridors,” she said.

According to Loubser, Llandudno residents were advised that the area falls outside of what has been earmarked for densification by the City of Cape Town. “We intend to meet with the relevant City officials to see how the existing character of Llandudno as a low-density residential suburb can be maintained,” she said.

The City’s Mayco Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Marian Nieuwoudt, said that the building plans were assessed by the Development Management Department, and falls in line with municipal planning by-laws as well as other legislation.

“Thus, the plan is fully compliant with the development rights of this site, and as such, the City had no reason not to approve the plan,” she said. “These directorates confirmed there was no objection to the proposed building plan.”

Llandudno residents have passed around a petition that garnered over 1 000 signatures, and as a result, the City invited residents to the local district offices in Plumstead to view the plans themselves.

“The City found that the proposed building is to be erected in such a manner or will be of such a nature or appearance that the area in which it is to be erected will not be negatively affected, furthermore, that the proposed building will not be unsightly or objectionable or derogate from the value of the surrounding properties,” Nieuwoudt said.

Llandudno is known as one of Cape Town’s most naturally diverse beach suburbs with its large granite boulders and natural biodiversity. Residents are concerned that these views will be affected by the approved buildings.

The City provided the following reasons in response to residents’ concerns around how the development could end up impacting the environment:

– The construction methods and materials used for the constructions are conventional

– The building work is proposed within the development rights of the property

– The necessary structural systems of the proposed building work were designed by a registered competent professional who was appointed to take full responsibility for its structural stability

“As such, and in terms of Section 6 of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, No 103 of 1977, the City approved the building plan,” Nieuwoudt said.

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