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Lockdown app clarifies what we can and cannot do

Lockdown App

It has become hard to keep track of what is and isn’t permissible during lockdown. A nifty new app called Lockdown Bozza has emerged to simplify what South Africans are allowed to do and access during each level of lockdown.

The app uses only information provided by the national government to compile its lists of what goes during lockdown, and has strict measures in place to ensure no fake news on the regulations and COVID-19 virus is spread via the application.

The app was developed by a couple in Johannesburg, and two other teammates who are Capetonian. It was developed in just four short days and has been downloaded 12-million times.

All information is colour-coded. Red indicates prohibited activities, amber indicates the specific activity is restricted and green means it is permitted.

It is also updated within 24-hours after new or adjusted regulations are made public.

After downloading the app, you will be greeted by the Lockdown Bozza. Here, you must choose which province you live in, as there is no guarantee that the provinces will always be on the same lockdown level. From there, you will choose what sector you would like to view the regulations for.

And using this app is as simple as that!

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