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Maximize Profit at your Agri Pack House with Multi Weigh

Using technologies from designing and implementing warehouse management systems in the industrial and supply chain industries has helped Multi Weigh Technologies grow their systems to provide 100% traceability for stock management in and around fresh produce packhouses.

The list of type of produce handled for both local and export markets is growing fast. These include:

Macadamias nuts, Peanuts, Pecans, Avocados, Citrus, Mangoes, Berries, Kiwi, Bananas, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Meat and Chicken, to name a few.

In todays world it is becoming imperative to use technologies to ensure extensive traceability in the packhouse, to be more profitable, to keep up with demanding quality assurance and to eliminate the associated pains that come from daily operations. Using a system like our is at the cutting edge of money making agricultural business ideas, which can future proof orchard improvements by the use of data mining through Traceability.

Due to the high level of manual activities in packhouses, systems must be introduced to manage the produce, employees and tasks in a structured manner. Otherwise the staff controls the processes which is always difficult to maintain to a high consistent standard.

With manual systems, the delay time in capturing the information in an IT system means that management does not have the correct and valid information to make informed decisions. Plus, the accuracy of the data captured has detrimental effects to the final results. By the time the error is detected, it is too late as the product has left the packhouse in the least desired form.

Multi Weigh Technologies is passionate about helping shareholders and managers of packhouses implement systems that provide the controls to manage their operations effectively.

Their focus is in the following areas:

  • using barcoding techniques on all documentation that eliminating the need for manual data capture
  • comprehensive and smart labelling practices (critical to the operation)
  • in process weighing and allocating masses to the correct load at intake and throughout the packhouse
  • at intake, if your recordings are not correct how can you expect the rest to be correct?
  • implementing user interface terminals (both fixed and mobile stations) at critical points in the operation that controls the operator with clear and responsive screens
    • the controllers interface directly to scales, printers, scanners, motors and other equipment
    • trapping the error at the source before it disrupts further in the chain
  • digitised quality control functions with real-time validating
  • quantifying and managing waste by load or production run
  • integration with 3rd part systems
  • effectively reporting to business partners, staff on the production floor, and management across multiple platforms like SMS via cellular, live large screen displays, emails, dashboards and more
  • effective real-time communications is key and resolves so many associated problems and queries which result in lost hours, low productivity, low motivation, internal friction, low quality output and reduced profits
  • once you have reliable and relevant information as it happens, there is no more guesswork required and you will have the piece of mind that the data generated was from systemised processes and not dependant on the mood or state of the staff
  • feedback to staff and management is used to motivate them to produce better results
  • reporting to growers is immediate and transparent and the information they receive is vital for them to manage their farms better than ever before

Apart from having up-to-date automation equipment that conveys, cleans, sizes and inspects the product; isn’t it as important if not more to control the manual element of your operation now.

Multi Weigh Technologies sales team would love to show you just how.

Did You Know Multi-Weigh Technologies deliver these solutions?

  • IT managed systems that controls inventory
  • Intelligent weighing systems where the data is first validated and captured automatically and associated with the right delivery
  • Label processing
  • Barcoding printing and scanning for cabled, fixed mounted (handsfree) and mobile tasks
  • Management of production runs and pack-out reports
  • Waste management by weight
  • Weighing final pallets for SOLAS and traceability
  • Quality control IT managed systems
  • Harvest weighing in the fields to capture weights by picker, by orchard, by orchard
  • Integration with 3rd party systems and business partners
  • Customised reporting
  • Driving communications through multiple channels
  • Automated representative sample weighing systems
  • Mobile data capture systems
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