Modular handrailing & balustrades

Modular handrailing

MODDEX modular systems provide flexibility on a project, wherever the location or accessibility limitations. The use of the latest technology, creates end-to-end systems from concept design to installation by combining a wide range of Moddex innovative customised modular components which fit together like building blocks to create the perfect project solution for handrails and balustrades.

Moddex customers include architects and specifiers, fabricators and professionals in civil and infrastructure construction, non-residential construction and mining.

How do they compare to traditional welded systems?

All Moddex modular systems are 100% no-weld, because they are customised and manufactured off-site, all that’s needed for installation is a battery-operated hand drill, eliminating the need for heavy tools and machinery essential for traditional welded systems. Being quick and easy to install, saves valuable time and costly project delays. For instance, by avoiding on-site welding, hot tools licenses, toxic fume safety procedures and site shutdowns.

Moddex’s modular range includes:

  • Disability handrails
  • Bikeway barriers
  • Commercial balustrades
  • Industrial handrails
  • Trolley bays
  • Safety bollards
  • Tactile indicators
  • Stair nosing