MyCiTi fares cheaper in July 2020

MyCiti Bus Source: Google Images

The fares for the MyCiTi bus service more affordable since Wednesday 1 July 2020 

THE reduction is possible due to fuel prices dropping significantly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the slowdown of economies and the subsequent drop in demand for fuel worldwide,’ said Executive Mayor Dan Plato.

As from 1 July, commuters will benefit from the following savings:

  • Reduced fares for Mover points in the peak and off-peak travelling period
  • Monthly pass reduced from R850 to R790
  • A reduction in the 1, 3 and 7 Day Passes
  • Distance-based decreases for Standard fare

‘Thus, commuters travelling in the peak hour periods in particular, will pay less from 1 July 2020. For example, those travelling from Atlantis to the Adderley station in Cape Town currently pay R27,90 for a one-way journey on Mover, but as from 1 July they will pay R24,40 for the same journey. This is a saving of R3,50 one-way or R7 for a return trip. If one considers there are on average 21 working days in a month, MyCiTi commuters from Atlantis could save up to R147 per month with Mover points. This is a substantial saving, and means the service will be affordable and accessible to more residents,’ said Alderman Felicity Purchase.

The Standard fare for the peak hour period has also been reduced. For example, travellers from Atlantis will save R10,30 for a one-way journey to the Adderley station as this fare has been reduced from R39,60 to R29,30.

‘This is a saving of R20,60 for a return trip. Again, should you use the Standard fare and travel from Atlantis to the Cape Town CBD, you could save nearly R433 per month when you travel in the peak hour period,’ said Alderman Purchase.

At the same time, the approved tariffs also provide that should the fuel price increase significantly within the next financial year and remain high, the City may need to adjust the fares accordingly.

‘However, for now commuters will greatly benefit from the savings and I encourage those who have access to the MyCiTi service to buy a myconnect card and to load the product best suited to their needs and personal circumstances,’ she said.

There are no increases for the following as from 1 July 2020:

  • the cost of a myconnect card remains R35
  • to replace a card remains R22
  • a single-trip card for one journey remains R30

‘The national regulations related to COVID-19 limit the MyCiTi bus capacity to 50%. Commuters must adhere to this limitation, and keep in mind that they may unfortunately need to wait longer than usual for the next bus given that we cannot load buses to capacity. Employers are also requested to stagger working hours where possible so that commuters can travel to work at different times. This will make it easier for commuters to practice social distancing, and to avoid unnecessary queues due to the capacity limits imposed by the National Government during this time,’ said Mayor Plato.

All of those making use of public transport services are reminded to please:

  • wear a mask or scarf to cover their nose and mouth at all times
  • wash hands with soap and water before and after the trip
  • use hand sanitiser if it is available
  • avoid touching common surfaces
  • avoid physical contact with others by standing and sitting at least 1,5m apart
  • avoid touching your face
  • stay home when you are feeling sick


The schedules and timetables are available online. Commuters can visit the MyCiTi website on for regular updates; use the MyCiTi app, follow us on Twitter @MyCiTiBus; or phone the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 – the TIC is available 24/7.