Nano tech coating protects all surfaces


STOPAQ was developed in the Netherlands, using highly advanced nano-technology in the creation of a range of corrosion protection, sealing and waterproofing systems.

The Stopaq range of products have been used extensively across the planet, as an extremely efficient corrosion protection system on a vast range of pipelines, vessels, structures and as a sealant and waterproofing system on roofs.

It is currently protecting over 500 million m² worldwide under some of the most stringent environments, from the Arctic to severest desert areas, above and below ground, on and offshore, above and below sea level, in the oil, gas and water industries.

The product is used by most of the major oil companies worldwide and the material is 100% green and eco-friendly, containing no solvents or toxins.

Stopaq is cold applied and requires no profile for adhesion and only requires a mill scale free surface with a minimum of ST2 cleanliness. No special tools or equipment are required and no primer is used.

The material is applied directly to any substrate, be it steel, concrete, PVC, PE, glass, PU, and adheres at molecular level with zero cathodic disbondment and zero undercreep.

Stopaq does not crosslink and as a result does not age or deteriorate over time, thereby ensuring effective corrosion protection over the lifetime of the applied surfaces.

The Stopaq range of products are extremely versatile and can be used as highly cost-efficient field joints, for repairs to existing pipelines and vessels – irrespective of the ‘mother` coating.

As well as the Stopaq range, Stopaq Southern Africa also supply quality advanced polymers, polyurethanes, epoxies and polyureas used as both coatings and linings.