New range of dewatering pumps

Atlas Copco

ATLAS Copco WEDA 50+ and 60+ dewatering pumps have been designed to provide customers with enhanced levels of performance alongside improved efficiency, hassle-free maintenance as well as augmented capacity.

The WEDA pumps range contains a built-in starter and motor protection system that allows for optional automatic level control. The pumps’ smart modular design includes machined slots that allow for the easy separation of the different parts of each pump. All stainless steel bolts and nuts used within the machine are the same size, therefore making it possible to use one effective tool to complete the entire operation. Other standard components include a reinforced cable entry, built-in run capacitor / contactor, an adjustable discharge connection of 90° or 180°, Class F insulated stators with thermo switches in all windings as well as external plug for grease filling.

These pumps have adjustable wear resistant nitrile rubber diffusors and hardened high quality clog-free chrome impellers. Adding to its durability, the machine’s light weight and compact design allows for easy transportation, installation and storage in confined areas.

Featuring a low friction sealing system, operators are able to change seals, the impeller and other components within minutes. Maintenance is simple thanks to the WEDA ISP (Instant Service Pack) that contains the seals, bearing oil and oil housing that can easily be changed onsite.

A novel feature across this range is the rotation control and phase failure protection that prevents the risk of the impeller rotating in the wrong direction and in the case of phase failure will halt the pump.

The economical WEDA+ range features a fuel efficient new motor design with greater efficiency and reduced start current, double row ball bearings with better lifespan as well as new hydraulic ends.

The 50+ and 60+ pumps are offered in a normal head (25m and 30m) and high head (41m and 52) respectively with the 60+ also available in a super high head (76m). The WEDA 50+ features a maximum flow between 1 173 – 2 347 ℓ/min while a maximum flow of between 984 – 2 650 ℓ/min can be achieved with the 60+ pump, according to the head size used. The 50+ only requires a maximum power input of 7,5kW while the 60+ pump needs a maximum power input of 10kW. Both units have a maximum solid handling size of 8mm.

With the introduction of the dewatering pump range, Atlas Copco Power Technique added a fourth pillar to its portable energy product offering to bring 360° air, power, light and flow solutions and services to mining and industry across Southern Africa.