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No existing DNA samples for over 46 000 sexual offenders

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has requested Police Minister, Bheki Cele, to table a Draft Criminal Law, which will allow DNA samples to be taken from convicted sexual offenders; so that police can instantly identify repeat offenders if any criminal is released into society.

This forensic procedure will help in the fight against gender-based violence, and this piece of legislation will ensure those repeat offenders are sent back to prison immediately.

Ramaphosa addressed South Africa regarding the scrouge of gender-based violence

The scrouge of violent attacks against women and children led a fed-up society to stand up, and protest for a change to be made. President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation after thousands marched to parliament and widespread protests against femicide erupted across the country

Ramaphosa stated he heard the demands of protesters’ for tougher laws, against men who abuse women, and he assured civilians that the criminal justice system will be harsher in dealing with perpetrators.

This forensic legislature will allow SAPS to store a database for convicted sexual offenders

This Bill will allow for DNA samples to be taken from convicted sexual offenders, which in return will allow South African Police Services to speedily identify any repeat offences from convicted felons, should they be released back into society. Currently, there are no DNA samples recorded for more than 46 727 convicted sex offenders.

The DA further claim all that is needed for this forensic bill to be introduced in parliament is Cele’s signature; however, the party suggests they have been waiting for that autograph for a while now.

“The Minister of Police has stated that he first wishes to gather DNA samples from all South African citizens – a step which is both unconstitutional and is wholly unnecessary for the tabling of this Bill. It is also a completely unaffordable exercise, and the Civilian Secretariat has acknowledged both these concerns.”

 Andrew Whitfield MP , DA Shadow Minister of Police

DA claims the government drags its feet at the issue

DA further states that Cele has “unnecessary proposals” while the government continues to “drag its feet” on the prevailing issue, as repeat offenders are released back into society.

South African Police Services currently have no way of tracing if these offenders are repeating sexual offences or assault charges they have been previously convicted of.

“The introduction of this Bill is tantamount to making strides in our fight against gender-based violence. It will ensure that the time needed to convict a repeat offender is minimised, thereby serving justice to victims faster and more efficiently, while freeing up resources for SAPS to pursue more cases and convict more felons.”

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