Vehicle Branding and Wraps are the only forms of advertising that will cost you less than two rand a day. So it is now wonder why it is one of the fastest forms of advertising out there. Reaching  thousands of people everyday 24/7, whether on the road, in a parking lot, shopping centres, restaurants or the school run.

Custom graphics also reduces the risk of hijacking and theft, as your vehicle is easily identified. It also makes it easy to spot in the parking lot.

What makes Vehicle Branding and Wraps most cost effective. No monthly maintenance costs like you would on regular media streams. Drive people to your website without paying the click charge. Then something that a lot of people do not know. Get the signage company to design the custom graphic for free or a nominal fee. Who better to ask than the people who actually do the production. No huge ad or design agency costs.

Vehicle Branding and Wraps is an innovative way to create your very own moving 3D billboard. There are companies out there that advertise moving billboards per day or month. These have various restrictions levied on them and they need to be stationary for most part of the day. Your custom graphic goes with you, where ever you go, whenever you go 24/7. And your custom graphic loves traffic, grabbing the attention of those around you.

When considering the advantages, which definitely out weighs the negatives. You must consider the material performance. Typically one wants to consider seven to ten year vinyls for printed images and vinyl decals. And cast vinyls for solid colours and large areas of coverage. There are numerous products out there, so one must definitely seek the advise of a professional operation when choosing your custom graphic. Vinyls and printed vinyl graphics are harmless to vehicle bodies and can be easily removed. Need to change some details on your graphic. Its as simple as strip and replace.

Vehicle Branding and Wraps will actually enhance your trade-in value, as they can actually protect your vehicles paint from chips, scratches or fading. All you need to do is peel it off and your car will look like new again.

Have a budget constraint or are you a start up company? You do not need to wrap the full vehicle. One can simply brand the back window or even a quarter or half a vehicle. Some of the most powerful examples are when the graphic is slick and simple.

An even cheaper form is car magnets. Branding that is printed onto a magnetic material, that sticks to your car body. However dust can get in-between the material and your vehicles body leaving fine scratches after a while. So when choosing this option you need to ensure a very clean surface. It will require regular cleaning. But its nice to be able to take off your message when going on holiday.