Operators won’t break a sweat

Atlas Copco - TEX 230PE

POWERFUL, light-weight, and ergonomic RTEX and TEX pneumatic breaker ranges from Atlas Copco can be operated for longer while using less air, presenting the perfect balance between high performance, efficiency and comfort.

This hand-held tool owes its breaking efficiency to a number of cutting-edge design features that include: A patented Constant Pressure Control principle, encompassing a Constant Pressure Chamber, which improves energy transfer, providing up to 40% more energy output than conventional units; a longer piston design compared to conventional breakers which increases the interaction time with each blow. The resultant efficient stroke mechanism also radically lowers energy consumption.

Subsequently, the RTEX, weighing only 25kg, can perform the same job equally well as bigger machines that are 5kg to 10kg heavier. The RTEX can also operate for longer while using only half as much compressed air. “A 50% reduction in compressed air consumption for the same breaking capacity means that a compressor only half the size is needed or alternatively, two breakers can be used on one compressor,” notes David Stanford, Business Line Manager, Portable Products, at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “What customers must also keep in mind is that a smaller compressor requires a smaller investment, uses less fuel, has lower emissions and is easier to transport, subsequently delivering an excellent return on investment.”

Productivity, low operational costs and operator comfort and safety are central to the design of the RTEX and TEX breakers. A low centre of gravity and perfect balance, thanks to the ingenious Solid or Single Body (SB) design, make these one-piece machines extremely easy to handle. Fewer parts, and thus less moving components that can wear, improve reliability, extend lifecycle and reduce maintenance. Tool wear is further minimised by the integrated lubricator which holds enough lubricant for a complete standard work shift. These multiple features boost productivity while keeping operational costs to an absolute minimum.

The hand-held breaker’s innovative two-step SOFTSTART™ trigger puts operators in full control by ensuring that the first cut is surgically precise with no chisel slippage or misfiring, even under extremely tough conditions.

To counter high vibration and noise levels which can result in operator fatigue, compromising safety and productivity, these pneumatic breakers are HAPS™ (Hand and Arm Protection Systems) enabled: The Constant Pressure Chamber and efficient stroke mechanism keep vibration levels below 5 m/s², enhancing operator comfort to such an extent that working hours can be extended up to six-fold. The tool’s piston switches on air-cushions on both ends of the cylinder, almost fully eliminating metal-to-metal contact when working off-load, further shrinking vibration and wear. The pneumatic breakers are also fitted with a wear-resistant polyurethane silencer that diminishes noise levels by up to an remarkable 75% compared to a machine without a silencer.