OPINION: Are we just going to sit back and watch Newlands Stadium be pulled down?

Newlands Rugby Stadium Source: Google Images

The announcement that the second- oldest rugby stadium in the world might be demolished seems to have escaped many Capetonians as hardly a whisper was heard from any corner.

From World Cup matches to seasonal matches between teams within our rugby leagues, Newlands has been a proud tradition and heritage of the city.

To think that this structure and all its irreplaceable memories might soon be razed surely must not sit well with many other people too?

So, are we going to sit by and just let it happen, or will we let our voices be heard and stand together to stop this – to do what we do best: stand together as a city, a province, a nation and show the powers that be that our opinions and views count too?

I have tweeted countless famous South Africans all over the world in the hope that they’ll lend their voices to this and I hope the city feels the same.

At this stage, a petition against this possible demolition would be the first course of action.

But if readers have any other avenues open to them that they can lend to this possible campaign, we’d be really appreciative of any and all help.

The Facebook group “Save Newlands Stadium” has been created for comments, suggestions, discussions.

This is not about rugby vs soccer, colour issues etc – this is about an iconic building potentially disappearing from our beautiful skyline forever.

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please email ellen76seven@gmail.com or whatsapp 0782037510.