Projects to alleviate traffic congestion in Cape Town to be completed by 2020

Traffic Source: Google Images

Construction work is forging ahead at Broadway Boulevard in Strand and the Kommetjie Road Project in Kommetjie, both intended to alleviate traffic congestion, the City of Cape Town said on Sunday.

The two roads were identified to relieve traffic congestion and had been prioritised by the city’s congestion management programme. Both projects commenced in 2016 and were scheduled to be completed by 2020, mayoral committee members for transport Felicity Purchase said in a statement.

“It is with great excitement that I showcase two of the city’s major projects aimed at alleviating traffic congestion, while also providing universal access to all road users. The projects are implemented with the residents and motorists in mind – all road users will be able to use the road safely whether on foot, bicycle or in a car. The projects epitomise our commitment to tackling congestion,” she said.

Work at Broadway Boulevard completed so far included foundations and substructures for two pedestrian bridges adjacent to the existing road bridge, about 1500 metres of single carriageway, and various services and related works.

Motorists and residents in this area could look forward to the congestion relief that this upgrade would provide through an additional carriageway in both the southerly and northerly direction on Broadway Boulevard between Beach Road and the De Beers/N2 interchange; upgraded intersections; non-motorised transport facilities, in the form of pedestrian and cycle lanes, as well as the pedestrian bridges.

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Universal accessibility would also be improved with non-motorised transport facilities for cyclists and two pedestrian bridges adjacent to the existing road bridge over the N2, Purchase said.

Work completed on the Kommetjie Road Project so far included – Frigate Crescent had been reconstructed and reopened to traffic; the Palm Avenue/Kommetjie Main Road intersection had been reconstructed and reopened to traffic; the road widenings and stabilised gravel layer works on the southbound carriageway of Ou Kaapse Weg from Noordhoek Main Road to the four-way-stop had been completed; 2600 tons of bitumen had been laid on the eastbound carriageway of Kommetjie Main Road from Living Hope towards the four–way stop and the eastbound lane of Noordhoek Main Road from Montrose to the signalised intersection; stabilised gravel layer works were also completed on Noordhoek Main Road from Houmoed Ave to Montrose Cose.

“Roadworks are always inconvenient and I want to thank all residents and motorists for their patience during the construction period. There’s only a few months to go now before you can enjoy the benefits of these projects,” Purchase said.