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Quick, automated fever screening with the TCSF256 Thermal Monitor

The TCSF256 Thermal Monitor from Actum Group is a fully-automated, plug-and-play fever screening unit. It adopts an infrared radiation measurement technique that can measure body temperature by non-contact means over a distance of up to 2 meters. It requires no tools to assemble and can easily be connected to your smart TV or laptop for continuous screening and access control.

Handheld thermometers require a dedicated person to operate the device by holding the thermometer close to the person’s forehead in order to get a temperature reading. It can be very invasive and goes against social distancing best practises. Furthermore, in areas with heavy foot traffic, scanning each person and logging temperatures manually can cause a massive delay and bottle-neck of people waiting to enter the premises.

The TCSF256 will automatically screen everyone who enters the premises quickly, accurately and safely in real-time. It also offers facial identity recognition of up to 50 employees on one system, and will automatically store the temperature data detected for registered staff. Should a person with an elevated body temperature pass by, it will sound a warning alarm and hold that particular thermal image.

This solution is ideal for industries that require quick-passing, multi-targeted and contactless screening, such as Retail, Schools, Airports, and Manufacturing to name a few. For more information on this thermal monitor, contact Actum Group on 011 608 3001 or email for assistance.

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