Rain Source: Google Images

The cold and rainy weather is back and Cape Town is receiving a well-deserved drenching across the board, from the city centre to Paarl, which is sure to increase dam levels significantly.

Although the rain is always a good thing for our dams, a significant amount of damage is expected as a result of the strong winds and flooding across the province the cold front will bring.

Residents have been enjoying the sounds of rain on the roof that started last night, but the weather brought in by the cold fronts that reached the Cape today has certainly made it harder for many to leave their warm beds. And we’re in for more where that came from, as well as possible snow when the temperatures dip this evening with the arrival of a second cold front around noon.

Chapman’s Peak has also been closed until further notice due to rough seas and wind in the area.

Locals are advised to be cautious while driving and to report any flooding or storm damages to the City via the Public Emergency Communication Centre on 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cell phone.