Resiliance = Results


Recently our printing company merged into ShumniRSA, making us the third largest print-
ing company in South Africa. This came with its challenges internal- ly and externally. So as two very different in depth management systems came together, we were hurled into
overdrive to make them work seamlessly, caus- ing much frustration across all departments.

But through sheer determination and resilience, we pulled together and got the job done.
So this led me to thinking about the word resilience. Because resilience is what takes
a great idea and makes it succeed, despite the onslaught of setbacks
and failures.

After all, it is our business and we need to be fighting for it like it’s our life on the line.
Resilience does not come naturally, and building yours, trains you to want to grow.

It makes it possible to face the problems in front of you, therefore, it is one of the most
essential business tools currently. No one gets overnight success, it takes years of resil-
ience at play.

Without resilience you are pretty much on your way out! Negativ-
ity will tear you apart!

So the lack of resilience will stop you from the massive business and personal growth you
dream of achieving. Face it! You are going to face setbacks. There is no avoiding them.
And if there are no set backs. Then you are not taking risks.

Your dream is possi- bly to small! The key to moving forward instead of two steps
backwards is to show up every day ready for battle, ready to push harder than the day
before, without fear or failure.

You have got to become resilient. Here are some tips that I came across that will
ignite the resilience.

SELF RESPECT cannot happen while counting or depend-upon others. To be resilient we must develop the ability to self-soothe when things get tough, by operatingwith a sense of compo- sure, regardless of our circumstances. We need to tap into our will, motivation and ability to continually move forward.

DRIVEN We must care deeply about how we are received by others and our abilities to
not only perform but to also connect with one another. When we understand this, we
will naturally be more driven, confident and emotionally intelligent.

We need to carry a relaxed attitude and view rejection as a new opportunity. Commited
to not allowing outside influences pull our thoughts away from our focus. We view risk
as rewarding expansion of our life and business aspirations.

DISCERNING Being successful, is to be discerning of the company we keep and whom we choose to have relationships with. Negativity fuels drama, so we must be mindful not to surround ourselves with those who can fuel it. Under- standing that without mutually beneficial nothing productive can mani- fest for either party.

TASTEFUL people are mind- ful to be intelligent in speech, style and posture because these
subtleties communicate our sense of personal value. We are mind- ful to be well-spoken, elegant, graceful, social and quietly infectious.
Wherever we are present, it is our more understated qualities set us apart from the rest.

NURTURING No matter the pain in our life or work, we continue to work hard to support those who depend upon us from family to em- ployees. This is essen- tial to us because nur- turing what and who we are passionate about is a part of who
we are at our core.

GRITTY Reinventing our- selves is part of our nature. We trust that we can pull it from
where we don’t have it when put to the test.

FOCUSED on others, always see-ing the good in others. Noticing and valuing the intelligence and character that other people bring to our lives and business.

    Christian Jaggers
    Sales Executive
    083 383 8830