SA travellers restricted from entering more than 100 countries

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South Africans planning international travel may want to reconsider their plans. Most countries across the seven continents have restricted access to South African travelers, according to Skyscanner’s live interactive map.

The fast spread of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, could be one of the reasons for this. As a result of the border closures, airlines have ceased flights to and from South Africa, and international travelers have become wary of traveling within the country.

South Africans can travel to nine destinations with low restrictions, meaning they are allowed to travel there and are unlikely to be quarantined when they arrive at/from the destination, according to the map.

These countries include Cameroon, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Costa Rica and Pakistan.

Around 121 destinations are currently implementing major restrictions, which means that travel is prohibited, the country may be closed, or entry is restricted to citizens who meet strict criteria. Madagascar, Libya, and the majority of Europe, Asia, and the United States are currently closed to South African travelers.

Around 95 countries have mild restrictions, which means that travelers can travel if they follow the country’s entry requirements, which may include taking a Covid-19 test or being quarantined upon arrival or return.

These include Namibia, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, South Korea and Ireland.

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