Safe tank handling of hazardous and non-hazardous substances

Mobicon for safe handling of hazardous substances

BLT WORLD’s extensive range of handling equipment comprises a mobile container handling system that ensures the safe handling, transportation and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous substances.

“The secure handling of hazardous materials – that include chemicals, flammables, corrosives, plastics and fuels – is an important consideration for the materials handling industry,” Ken Mouritzen, managing director, BLT WORLD. “The robust Mobicon system, which meets the requirements for hazardous materials handling, is designed to carefully take any size tank off the back of a truck and take it where it needs to go for safe storage.

“Users require flexible equipment that can efficiently manoeuvre in tight spots and safely move laden and empty tanks around the site and inside storage areas. This equipment should have low load ratios, to prevent damage to yards during operation.

“One of the biggest problems associated with container handling is the damage caused by heavy equipment to pavements and yards. The constant wear and tear of large forklifts and heavy equipment means companies have to incur on-going maintenance and costly repairs to yards and pavements.”

The low centre of gravity of the Mobicon system enhances stability, preventing the machine from rolling over. The two-tower design provides the flexibility to be able to operate on slightly sloping or uneven surfaces, as well as compacted gravel yards, bitumen or standard thickness concrete.

Another advantage of this container handler is that it requires very little maintenance, unlike conventional container equipment, where ongoing maintenance is necessary. Initial capital investment costs are also significantly lower.

The simple design of the low maintenance Mobicon unit includes an economical 45 kW diesel engine, coupled to a hydrostatic system, for reduced fuel costs. Consumption is five litres an hour compared to up to 22 ℓ/h for other machines.

Enhanced safety has been critical in the design of this system. The operator has a clear view of the working area and instead of staff having to work at a trailer height of 1,5 m, they are able to work safely at ground level.

The Mobicon, one of the lightest container handlers in the world, ensures improved productivity, faster handling times and reduced capital investment costs. Maintenance requirements are minimal and safety for workers, equipment and containers, is significantly improved.

The company offers a technical advisory, parts and support service throughout the country.