Safe water at the turn of a tap

Rosa-TM-15 water treatment unit

THE Rosa-TM-15 water treatment unit is a self-contained, full-cycle water processing plant with pre-cleaning and deep cleaning modules, a chemical flushing module, a purified water tank, a disinfection unit and an automatic pumping unit for supplying up to 30 m3/day of potable water to the consumer, depending upon input water quality. It is sufficient to cover all the water needs of 150 people and enough for drinking and cooking needs of 6 000 people.

The comprehensive design comprises:

– pump for source water intake,

– a pre-treatment module that allows cleaning water from most natural and anthropogenic pollution with a coarse filter, or pre-filter (removing of coarsely dispersed pollution), sorption filters, a fine filter;

– deep purification module, which provides, if necessary, correction of the salt composition of water, i.e. removal of excess salt content, reduction of water hardness, etc.;

– chemical flushing module – provides periodic (once every 3-4 months) flushing of the deep purification module; a chemical flushing module of one Rosa unit can be applied for flushing of several units as it is mobile and can be used by a single service operator, which reduces costs when operating an integrated water supply network;

– a 1 000 litre capacity tank for purified water with an automatic pumping unit and a disinfection system. A combined disinfection system – a combination of UV irradiation and a chlorine-containing reagent – provides a reliable protection of water from pathogenic microorganisms. The automatic supply and control system delivers 3 m3/h ensuring a safe water supply to the consumer at the turn of a tap.

The purification capacity of Rosa-TM-15 where iron compounds, suspended solids or dissolved organic matter is present is up to 30 m3/day. Where softening and partial desalination is required, reduced output of 15 m3/day is equivalent to the daily needs of approximately 75-150 people.

Units, which occupy a space of just 3.52 x 2.45 m can be located in an existing or prefabricated building, or can be containerized or made mobile allowing for the comprehensive treatment of any raw water supply to potable standards.

The plant may be used both as a system and as separate modules in case of reconstruction / modernization of existing water treatment plants.

The plant which operates on a 5,5 kW power supply functions unattended requiring no continuous presence of maintenance staff.

Applications can be found in social facilities, rural schools, hospitals and clinics, and any facility remote from traditional mains supply such as hotels and game lodges or separate commercial and industrial facilities.