SANParks reiterates its “no-drones” policy

Drones Source: Google Images

South African National Parks (SANParks) has condemned visitors to Table Mountain National Park who flout the rule against the use of drones.

“Table Mountain National Park is disappointed at the utter disregard for park rules concerning the use of aerial vehicles/drones, specifically along the Lions Head summit,” SANParks said on Facebook. 

“We have come across many social media posts of park visitors making use of drones illegally for either game viewing, filming, photography etc.”

SANParks warns users that the flying of recreational unmanned aerial vehicles which are commonly known as drones is not permitted in any National Park. This practice is prohibited in terms of NEMA: The Protected Areas Act which states that it is illegal to fly below 2500 feet above the highest point of any national park, with any aircraft/drone without the express permission of the Management Authority of the particular National Park i.e. SANParks.

National Parks are protected areas with restricted airspace, which makes them a no-fly zone for all unauthorized aircraft systems.

Cape Town citizens are urged to report such incidents to the Emergency Call Centre numbers on 0861 106 417 / 021 422 1601 (Kloofnek Office) so that these people can be caught in the act.