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SAPS should start training staff and put “grabbers” to work without delay

UASA condemns the wasteful expenditure of R102 million by the South African Police Services (SAPS) on mobile detection equipment (grabbers) over a year ago that has been gathering dust in warehouses ever since. The expenditure was not reported to Treasury.

UASA is in full support of Treasury calling the culprits to order.

Government departments must realise that the time for fruitless and wasteful expenditure is over. The nation needs every cent to rebuild the economy to the benefit of all South Africans.

We call on government to do the right thing. Bring the guilty to justice, stop wasteful spending in state departments now. Take control, weed out irresponsible officials. Show us where and how our tax money is put to work for the people of our country.

We urge the SAPS to get the mobile detection equipment out of storage and start training our law enforcement staff how to use it to root out corruption and other crime in state departments and elsewhere without delay.

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