South Africa gets first free online bond origination service

Leadhome, has announced the launch of Bondspark

South African hybrid real estate agency, Leadhome, has announced the launch of Bondspark, South Africa’s first, fully online and free bond origination business.

Bondspark evolved into a stand-alone business after Leadhome identified the need for a more progressive bond origination service through its client base.

Bondspark allows its clients to get a comparative quote on a home loan by applying on behalf of their clients to all the banks – all through their innovative online application and at no cost to the client.

Chief Executive and founder, Marcél du Toit, said that Leadhome continues to bring much needed disruptive innovation to an industry and sales process that hasn’t been improved in many years.

The Chief Executive said, “Bondspark is part of Leadhome’s vision to disrupt the traditional real estate industry. What started as a small department within Leadhome that helped clients apply for home loans soon became a prominent business on its own, hence why we decided to spin the business out as a separate brand and target the whole market”.

Acknowledging that time to market is crucial, Du Toit says that within seven months Bondspark’s offering and website were ready.

Du Toit is moving fast to make everything about home financing a lot simpler. Bondspark is more than a bond originator – it goes beyond getting our clients home loans to also help them get access to funds prior to the registration of the property through our bridging finance solutions.

Romy Zwiers, previously Leadhome’s Head of Marketing, has been appointed to build the Bondspark brand. With ten years of experience focusing on brand, communication, and digital strategy for both blue-chip and start-up brands, Zwiers said that she is excited about this new level of disruption.

Zwiers said, “I am passionate about brands that answer client’s real problems and challenge the status quo. Bondspark represents what financial services could be if it were more aligned towards the client and I am looking forward to growing the Bondspark brand as the company evolves”.

As the first to facilitate the entire application process online, Zwiers said that Bondspark ensures that there will no longer be countless forms to fill in or any delays because of inaccuracies, saving clients both time and money.

“Buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments an individual will make in their lifetime and our vision is to make the process easier and more transparent for our clients,” said Zwiers.

By applying online through the Bondspark platform, skilled and professional home loan advisors will negotiate on the client’s behalf in order to achieve the most competitive deal on their home loan.

The business proposition is about ease of use and value. Bondspark does not only offer convenience but also expertise, their qualified consultants know what the different banks require and stay up to date with all the different home loan products the banks offer, which means they can better motivate a client’s application, and increase the chance of obtaining an approval chances on a home loan.

We empower our clients with jargon-free information and offer choice, making a big decision a lot easier. As we say, “Get a home loan you can bond with.”