South Africans can now visit nearly 100 countries visa-free

Carry bag Source: Google Images

South Africans are now able to visit 99 countries without a visa due to changes made to the Hensley Passport Index rankings.

Locals can now travel to Angola, Benin, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Cook Islands, Fiji, Barbados, Dominica, Costa Rica, Brazil, Iran, Armenia, and many more countries listed on the index without a visa.

The South African passport has dropped to 54th place on the passport power and global mobility ranking after Djibouti changed its procedure to the electronic visa system, which captures travellers’ personal details and biometrics digitally.

The Hensley Passport Index is used to indicate the accessibility of countries across the globe to citizens of different nations, countries you can enter with specific visas, and how different countries’ passports contribute to the holder’s overall travel experience. Globally, countries change their policies and travel infrastructure constantly to ensure that they remain compliant with international standards.