This will mark the third year that Standard Bank will be sponsoring South Africa’s most innovative property expo of which the first was in 2017, in Cape Town.

Standard Bank will also be the official sponsor of the First-Time Buyer Theatre, where first-time home buyers can go to hear property experts giving advice on the intricacies involved when it comes to buying your first home or building wealth through your property investment portfolio.

There will be three separate legs to the Property Buyer Show, with the first taking place in Cape Town at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (6-7 April 2019), the second leg will be in Durban at the Durban Exhibition Centre (3-4 August 2019) and the last showcase will be taking place in Johannesburg – Sandton Convention Centre (18-20 October 2019).

To better assist customers in choosing the home which best suits their needs, Standard Bank has launched their new main offering in the form of a property research platform titled LookSee – a first for South Africa. Looksee is a system which allows property buyers, sellers, estate agents to discern the property value of properties they are interested in buying or selling.

“Our purpose as Standard Bank is that we want to see more customers owning their homes and not having to pay off home loans indefinitely, the more people that own homes in South Africa, the better for all South Africans. We understand that buying your first property can be quite the daunting process, which is why we have prioritised empowering our consumers with the best tools to ensuring they get their dream homes” says Andrew van der Hoven, Head of Home Services South Africa.

Some of the standout topics Standard Bank will be touching on at the First-Time Buyer Theatre, are “Things to consider when buying your first home”, as we know there are an array of costs to consider pertaining to the buying process.

Andrew van der Hoven further explains that “it is imperative that one considers drawing up a budget and understanding what they can afford. You should not fall into the trap of only focusing on bond repayments, other factors such as rates, maintenance and insurance must also be taken into consideration. Doing the research will save you time and money.”

Another topic that will be discussed is the financial planning process and what exactly goes into this step once you have decided on a property you have chosen. “Checking your credit history is extremely important as this is what banks use to assess your loan application.  Your credit history plays a major part in determining whether you are suitable for a home loan. It pays to check your credit rating, ensure that any outstanding debts are settled, and make sure that any accounts you may have are correctly serviced” concludes van der Hoven.

Make your way to the CTICC this weekend, speak to Standard Bank about your finances and start or extend your property journey.

  • Property Buyer Show – Saturday 6 April, Sunday 7 April (09:00 – 17:00)
  • Tickets available through Quicket or at