Taking the guesswork out of fleet management

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CTRACK’s 30 year track record can help unlock better diagnostics, support compliance reporting as well as provide tailor made analytics to aid with short and long-term decision making.

Solutions for the transport and logistics industry

Ctrack’s transport and logistics solutions ensure improvements in all areas of business including safety and security, driver behaviour, productivity and efficiency, compliance and asset management.

Drivers can focus on the task at hand and keep their eyes on the road while Ctrack’s in cab services handle job dispatching, navigation, messaging and give feedback on driver behaviour.

Fleet managers are able to keep an eye on vehicles and take the guess work out of the transportation of loads with bespoke tools that include asset monitoring, trailer tracking, engine performance monitoring through the vehicles CAN system, temperature monitoring as well as fuel level and consumption monitoring.

Real time trailer tracking is proven to reduce cargo theft and improve trailer turnaround time as it matches loads with precise delivery points.

Added safety and security for the driver, vehicle and cargo is ensured thanks to solutions including Iris Cameras, Driver identification, Remote door unlocking and Vehicle and fleet tracking.

Real-time visibility software

All this hardware is backed up by a variety of software solutions:

  • The Ctrack Mobi app allows the monitoring of vehicles using a smartphone or tablet from anywhere with a cellphone signal.
  • Ctrack Online is a web-based portal that enables remote monitoring of vehicles from any device with an internet connection.
  • Ctrack MaXx is a powerful, server based fleet monitoring and management tool that takes the usefulness of the data gathered by the vehicles one step further with a sophisticated fleet analysis package.

The Ctrack fleet analytics software uses detailed fleet analytics algorithms to smartly interpret data, providing the information needed for critical decision making in a format that is simple to react upon.

The enhanced SMILE script function for certain firmware allows non-standard events to be highlighted and reported when two events or anomalies are combined to create “new events” and conditions without the need to change firmware. Various input options can be used with integrated equipment, such as CAN data, digital lines and timers. Each of the scripts can be customised per operation, to create outputs such as buzzers, sms messages or report generation.

Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Service

Bureau service allows operators to completely outsource fleet control room activities and is backed by highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and reporting functions.

Dedicated fleet controllers monitor vehicle movements, incidents, alerts and alarms from a support centre, 24 /7.

Driver monitoring ensures optimised driver productivity via continuous analysis of factors including; speed, harsh events, unscheduled stops and vehicle abuse.

Real time route monitoring benefits include ensuring schedule adherence, constant direct communication with the driver, geo zone mapping and adherence, the monitoring of fuel consumption and daily health checks.

Fleet data is expertly analysed and simplified, highlighting factors such as POI visits and duration count as well as driver behaviour.

The 24/7 emergency support centre can monitor a fleet every minute of every day and offers emergency response, panic alarms, tamper alarms, stolen vehicle recovery support, vehicle immobilisation, one hour free vehicle escorting service and, at an additional cost, helicopter response.

Bespoke weekly and monthly reports can reveal productivity, safety, travelling time, KM usage, after hours, driver behaviour, POI visits and EXCO monthly summaries amongst others.

Ctrack have industry solutions to track a variety of assets including cars, trucks, trailers, containers, generators, packages and confidential deliveries.

  • For more information contact Ctrack at 0860 333 444 or visit the their website www.ctrack.co.za
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Contact sales@cbn.co.za to enquire about our digital marketing options