The app tackling Cape Town’s parking problem

Parking Source: Google Images

Cape Town’s parking problem seems to be ever increasing. Now, a new local app has been designed to take on the daunting task of reducing the waiting line for the parking bay by connecting motorists not using their parking spaces with those who need one, in exchange for payment.

Rent My Bay is an app that gives motorists the means to search for parking in specific designated areas, at specific times that suit them. Users simply register on the Rent My Bay platform and they can automatically start searching, booking and paying for parking in any area of Cape Town or list their parking bays for rent.

Through this innovative app, locals not using their parking bays can make extra money while away and motorists looking for a spot to park can make use of available ones listed on the app.

The parking bay owner can elect what days he or she wishes to make their space available for rent and at what rental amount. For example they could advertise their space as “Secure undercover parking in Adderley Street R1 200 per month”.

Rent My Bay thus offers a service to both parties, equally benefiting both, while reducing parking problems as a whole in Cape Town.

The app offers two types of parking services, namely regular parking, where a bay is rented for a specific uninterrupted period, and shared parking, where a bay is rented during a specific time period when the owner is not making use of it, for instance when they are at work.

As well as helping users save time on finding parking spaces, Rent My Bay also saves users money on parking; parking in ordinary spaces without the app can be astoundingly pricey.

Once you download the app, you can find the best parking bay in your area that fits your budget and park with ease.

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