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The children’s hospital trust aims to raise R150 million

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital has been a place for the countless little patients treated and cured. It has been a place of marvels for the families and caregivers, a mainstay of hope, a place that provides care and reassurance at a time when their world is in turmoil. The Children’s Hospital Trust – official fundraiser for The Red Cross Children’s Hospital is now facing the challenge of raising R150 million to continue to help heal seriously ill and injured children.

“It is forecasted by 2050, that nearly half of the world’s population of children will live in Africa. These children will need access to quality and affordable healthcare. While raising R150million is an extremely challenging task, we are will continue to strive to ensure that ill and injured children who come through the doors of the Hospital have access to the best quality, life-saving healthcare.” states Trust CEO Louise Driver.

The difficulty each year is that the number of children needing treatment, and the number of parents needing comfort, hope and understanding, grows exponentially and the Hospital faces a continual battle to keep up with the increasing need. Over 250 000 visits to the Hospital were seen in 2018. It is a demanding, relentless and escalating battle, a battle the desperately stretched Hospital staff fight every day. “The Hospital staff along with the patients and their families need the support now more than ever. The Children’s Hospital Trust truly appreciates the funding we receive from our donors and partners, and we are now pleading to everyone to help heal the vulnerable little patients who are currently in the Hospital but also to the thousands of sick children in the years to come,” says Trust
Head of Fundraising Chantel Cooper.

100 percent of donations will go directly to priority projects and programmes that keep the Hospital at the leading edge of international standards of excellence in paediatric healthcare.

These projects and programmess include:

• Building projects: Upgrade of the Emergency Centre
• Equipment projects: Breatheasy Tracheostomy & Ventilation Homecare Programme
• Programmes (South Africa): Social Work Child Protection Programme
• Programmes (South Africa): Weekend Waiting Lists
• Programmes (South Africa): RX Radio
• Programmes (Africa): African Paediatric Fellowship Programme
• Programmes (Africa): Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative

Over the years, the Hospital has gained global status as a:

• Leading center of paediatric excellence with respected medical leaders and researchers  who have achieved many firsts in Africa
• Major teaching hospital whose influence has resulted in the Hospital becoming an asset on the continent of Africa
• Home to historic ground-breaking surgeries and services
• Partner with the University of Cape Town, starting and building systems of healthcare that train and support doctors and nurses throughout Africa.

The official fundraising campaign commences on Tuesday 12 March 2019 where ambassadors such as DJ Fresh, GoldFish, JP Duminy, Matthew Pearce and Zoë Brown are contributing to the future of Africa by leaving their mark on life.

To help ensure that every child has access to quality, life-saving healthcare, donate to The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, contribute to the future of Africa and Leave Your Mark on Life.

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