The green standard for material handlers


BABCOCK has seen a steady stream of SENNEBOGEN modular material handling machinery delivered throughout South Africa over the past 12 months.

SENNEBOGEN material handlers are suitable for a diverse range of applications and have garnered firm support in South Africa’s steel mills, scrap metal, ports, pulp mill and saw mill industries, among others.

7 and 8 series

The 7 Series units are primarily suited to the pulp and saw mill environments for their pick and carry capabilities and ability to stockpile at heights, while the 8 Series units are ideal for use in other industries due to each modular material handling machine able to be custom-built to the client’s specifications with an efficient design that assists in maintaining productivity. Undercarriage options range from mobile, crawler, rail, gantry and stationary, and can also include optimally raised units with pylon, while different quick-coupling systems and a large range of attachments highlight the machines’ versatility.

Claude Delport, Sales Executive for SENNEBOGEN at Babcock, says that SENNEBOGEN’s E-Series of material handling equipment presents customers with a choice of new-generation fuel-saving diesel engines or environmentally friendly electric motors, with the latter capable of running up to 100 000 hours before needing to be replaced.

The state-of-the-art Tier 3 emission diesel engines have optimised engine settings for reduced fuel consumption and modern exhaust gas treatment for cleaner air. Electric motors provide operating cost reductions of up to 50% compared with conventional diesel engines, do not produce emissions, and operate at very low noise levels.


Early this year Babcock delivered SENNEBOGEN 735E diesel units to a log yard and pulp mill where the customer required a machine capable of pick and carry and stockpiling at heights of up to 10 metres, as well as being able to tow a trailer. “The 735E meets these needs with an elevated cab providing the operator with unobstructed views,” says Delport.

Regarded as a true pick and carry machine, the 735E provides a rear-hinged boom for optimum weight distribution, high load capacities, compact measurements and small slewing radiuses for manoeuvring in narrow spaces between stacks, and a stacking height of approximately 10 metres. With a robust undercarriage and two powerful, quiet travel motors, the 735 can pull up to 30 tons on a trailer, and a rear boom provides unobstructed views from the cab.

As with all SENNEBOGEN machines, the 735E offers easy access to service points, maximum operator comfort and safety, and fuel-saving efficiency that lowers operating costs and environmental impact. Its towing function permits the transport of more product per trip, thus increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

Wide range of models and aftermarket support

Featuring high performance, uncomplicated quality components, and long product service life, the SENNEBOGEN machinery range includes material handlers, duty cycle cranes, lattice boom crawler cranes, port cranes, and mobile harbour cranes with a lifting capacity of 125 tons. All SENNEBOGEN machinery is backed by Babcock’s nationwide network of service centres and aftermarket support, offering customers around-the-clock local support that can be quickly and easily accessed.