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Theewaterskloof Dam overflowing for the first time in a decade

It is a sight for sore eyes to see a Theewaterskloof Dam, which was once near dry, overflowing with water. The dam is the Western Cape’s largest source of water and at the height of the water crisis stood at below 20% full.

Two years later, the dam is overflowing with water thanks to constant rainfall and a steady downpour throughout winter. It is a far cry from Day Zero, when the taps would be turned off and residents would have to queue for water.

Cape Town residents were champions and heeded call to preserve the precious resource by reducing their water consumption considerably during the drought.

Dam levels posted by the City of Cape Town on Friday, September 25 show that most of the dams have reached capacity and in total they are 98.5% full. Theewaterskloof Dam is 98.5% full as well, but this number was tallied before Friday’s downpours which continued through the night and into Saturday morning.

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