Tips that can accelerate your business ahead

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Successful Businesses know that customers are their lifeblood and have to actively win and retain their clients. And that a great product and excellent service are vital, as is effective marketing. After all, people have to know about your business to become customers.

Here are a few key moves to jump-start, or accelerate, your business and deepen existing clients’ loyalty.


Offering useful insights is a great way to raise your profile as an expert without making a hard sell. You can easily publish an article on your social media or LinkedIn page. A frequently updated article on your company website can help you and your business develop a following of loyal regular customers. Best of all, it will not cost you a cent to produce.


Another free option is the clever use of Facbeook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, all of which can drive customers your way. Promote a sale or event, or simply share some news about your business. Include photos or interesting tips as a picture can generally tell a thousand words if done right.

Be sure to use a tagline or blurb that best describes your business in a way that will get you noticed by potential clients. Hashtags are another way of ensuring you reach your clients across all mediums.

Social media is a great way engage directly with customers, but remember to keep tabs on your accounts and always be prepared to respond, whether your customer is raving about your business or complaining for all to see. They say there is no such thing as a bad review, it is how you apply yourself to it and learn from it.


Even if you conduct most of your business offline, the potential to win or lose customers before ever hearing from them, based on your website is there. I cannot overestimate the importance of a polished website for a company. You do not want loose a prime opportunity with potential clients. It is a chance to present your business in a professional way and set the tone with customers. An easy to navigate website is also more effective along with client testimonials and regularly updated articles.


Often we forget to remind our customers of our products and services and we constantly need to let them know of any new offerings or changes in your business. Wether via social channels or email, better still a more direct (sitting in front of your clientele) approach will work wonders. The aim is to inform and sell.


Getting involved in and doing good for your community is good for the soul, and can raise your profile. Consider establishing your business as a supportive community player.

As you plan for some accelerated business, take some time to brainstorm what two or three steps you might take to boost your marketing efforts.