Twitter could be getting a ‘snooze’ button to pause your notifications

Twitter Source: Google Images

Twitter may soon allow users to “snooze” the app’s notifications thanks to a yet-unreleased feature.

Spotted by feature-seeker Jane Manchun Wong, the “snooze” button – which takes the form of a bell – allows users to pause their push notifications for an hour, three hours, or 12 hours.

It means that you needn’t worry about putting your phone on silent, or completely disabling Twitter’s notifications in Android or iOS to shut up all your followers.

And for users with massive followings and engagement, this is probably welcome news.

Wong found the feature on the Android version of Twitter while digging through its code, so its not yet clear when, or if, Twitter will decide to unveil it publicly.

The discovery comes weeks after Twitter announced a web UI redesign, so it’s clear the company’s working hard on quality-of-life improvements across its apps and web interface.