Underwater restaurant in Thailand stakes claim to largest in the world

Andasi underwater restaurant in Thailand. Picture: Central Phuket

Thailand is now home to what’s being called the world’s largest underwater restaurant, where diners are surrounded by 25,000 sea creatures.

Luxury shopping destination Central Phuket has officially opened the doors to Andasi, a European-style seafood restaurant built below the surface within the mall’s aquarium Aquaria Phuket, the largest of its kind in Thailand.

Between bites of miso-glazed salmon, caviar, oysters, scallops and Wagyu steak, diners are entertained by the 300 species of sea animals gliding overhead, to their left and to their right.

Picture: Central Phuket

Helming the kitchen is chef Atanu Nath, who worked previously in London at chef Marco Pierre White restaurants Steakhouse & Grill and Wheeler’s of St. James London.

At Andasi, the gourmet dining experience is European in style, but also features local Thai ingredients.

The restaurant seats 120.

Picture: Central Phuket

Andasi is staking claim to the title of world’s largest underwater restaurant, the same tagline used by Under restaurant in Norway, which opened earlier this year. Under has a seating capacity of 100.

Visitors who aren’t the fine dining type can also visit the Aquaria Phuket aquarium, which is divided into different zones and explores both land and sea.

Mythic Forest takes guests through a land filled with creatures from Thai folklore, while River Giants, for instance, is billed as the world’s largest freshwater planted tank, home to Arapaima, Mekong Ray and Mekong Giant Catfish.