Versatile and Low Cost Pressure Sensors

Kobold’s SEN-98/-99 Pressure Sensor

INSTROTECH is offering the compact and versatile type SEN-98/-99 pressure sensors. The tried and tested principle of a thick-film ceramic measuring cell ensures great reliability.

This pressure sensor meets the highest of performance demands by virtue of its robust construction, overpressure safety properties, as well as temperature stability and good reproducibility.  The unit’s overload protection limit is dependent on the measurement range, of which there are 31, running from -1…0 bar to 0…600 bar relative pressure or from 0…1 to 0…25 bar absolute pressure. There is a choice of 4…20 mA, 0…5 V or 0…10 V analogue outputs for signal transmission.

Fast, on the spot information of the measured pressure is made possible by the practical AUF type plug-on displays. Standard sensors have protection class IP65. The wetted parts are stainless steel, ceramic and sealing material FKM. The SEN-98/-99 is manufactured with an accuracy of 0.5% as standard, an accuracy of 0.25% is available optionally.

The optimum design opens up a wide range of applications for pressure sensors, for example, hydraulic systems, compressors, refrigeration industry, welding, vacuum, water and oil, gases.  For more information on Kobold’s SEN-98/-99 Pressure Sensorcontact Instrotech on 010 595 1831 or