WhatsApp Group Blacklist Feature in The Works

WhatsaApp Source: Google Images

Don’t you just hate it when friends or family invite you to WhatsApp groups you really don’t want to be part of and then get spammed by new photos of someone’s pet over and over again? Well, a WhatsApp group blacklist feature is in the works that could help remedy the situation.

As reported by WhatsApp Beta Info, there is an upcoming WhatsApp group blacklist feature that will allow users to set up who is allowed to invite them to groups and importantly, who isn’t. Right now, you have the following three options to choose from in your privacy settings with relation to who can invite you to groups, namely “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”.

When the WhatsApp group blacklist feature launches you will have “My contacts except” where you can choose specific people to block from inviting you to a group. Sorry, grandma!

This feature is not available right now until you are in the Whatsapp Beta program and at the time of writing, no official release date has been confirmed for either Android or iOS devices.

Keep in mind that when you do block users, they will be asked to send you a private invitation to join the group and you can either decline or accept the invite. WhatsApp did announce in April this year that it would start rolling out new Privacy features but so far, it seems that things are moving along quite slowly.

What do you think about the upcoming Group Blacklist feature and do you have someone in mind that you would block from inviting you to groups? Let us know in the comment section below.