Whitepaper – Hidden treasures of double diaphragm pumps

Verder Passion for Pumps

VERDER has compiled a  whitepaper which claims that you can learn how to save even more on your double diaphragm pumps; in ways that might be a bit unconventional but no less accurate.

  • Less maintenance
  • Better suited for viscous fluids
  • More ease when pumping shear sensitive media
  • Less downtime (longer MTBM)

Promoting the advantages of selecting a larger compressed air diaphragm pump than is potentially necessary for a given duty, Verder say has many advantages over a smaller pump. Compressed air consumption, they say, is reduced as a larger pump uses compressed air more efficiently. This is achieved through lower internal friction losses and fewer switching operations of the air control valve. The difference in consumption can be so huge that consumption can be reduced by up to 50%! If the pump is used for a longer period of time or in a continuous process, the higher acquisition costs of a larger pump will be quickly amortised.