‘Why use an intermediary when selling your business’

George New of Horizon Capital

Horizon Capital Corporate Finance (Pty) Ltd, a Cape Town ‘boutique’ corporate finance house specializing in the sale and acquisition of medium-sized enterprises, has facilitated numerous successsful transactions over the past 15 years. From a buyer perspective sound relationships have been built with many of the JSE listed and larger unlisted companies, family businesses, private individuals, consortiums and investment companies.

The decision to sell could well be the most important decision a business-owner will make and it is vital that a qualified professional corporate finance advisor be appointed to guide you through the sale process.

The expertise required lies not only in the transaction process and management but also in the ability to ‘match’ the requirements and objectives of the seller and potential buyer in order to achieve maximum value for both parties.

While Covid -19 has put many businesses under immence strain and earnings pressure  the purchase of a business must be taken with a long term view, and not just current circumstances that are largely out of the business owner’s control. Despite the challenging economic environment buyers continue to look for acquisition opportunities to complement and grow their own earnings, so there is continuing demand for financially sound and well managed businesses.

When discussing the sale of a business the question often asked is “why use an intermediary”?.  George New of Horizon Capital explains “Our experience shows that owners who try to sell their businesses themselves mostly end up in an absolute quagmire, often resulting in a cancelled deal at the last minute or the seller ending up with a less that satisfactory arrangement, which often only manifests itself after the deal has been concluded! Selling a business can be a very complex and time – consuming exercise with many legal, tax, accounting and regulatory issues to address. Expertise is required to seek and identify the appropriate buyer for the business and then value, negotiate and structure the most advantageous transaction for both parties involved.”

George further explains that Horizon Capital offers a full turnkey solution for the seller – from assisting the owner to prepare the business for sale, conducting a valuation, preparing an Information Memorandum and discretely taking the business to the market and introducing it to qualified potential buyers. Very importantly Horizon Capital negotiates on behalf of the seller to ensure the optimal deal structure, and a fair price, is realised. George adds that Horizon Capital also assists with the overseeing of the sale agreement and supporting documents, as well as the facilitation of the transaction payment.

  • George New: 083 452 5872