Women-only ride-hailing service to launch in Cape Town

Women-only ride-hailing service to launch in Cape Town

ChaufHer, a ride-hailing service for women and by women, will soon launch in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The service will connect female drivers to female passengers, thus empowering women and helping passengers feel more safe.

On their website, ChaufHer explains why they have created this service. “Our mission is to provide a safe environment for women to get out there and live their best lives without having to worry about how they will get around. Every aspect of the ChaufHer experience places safety at its heart.”

“When women get together and support each other anything is possible. We created ChaufHer to be truly by women, for women, so you know that someone you can trust is picking you up.”

There have been a number of reports of sexual harassment and abuse against male Uber and Taxify drivers in South Africa, causing many women to feel unsafe using these services.

ChaufHer rides are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of each passenger. Professional female drivers go through a comprehensive vetting process. Passengers also go through a vetting process when they register to ensure the drivers safety. There will be an SOS button feature that both drivers and passengers can use if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe during their trip. The service also provides an option for a car with a child booster seat for passengers travelling with little ones.

To use this service, passengers must download the ChaufHer app (soon to be available for iOs and Android devices), register, and ride.

The service will be coming soon to Cape Town, although there is no specific date as of yet. There are also plans for it to launch in Johannesburg. Watch this space, we will let you know when it officially launches.